Underground Octopus Club

The Underground

Welcome to the Underground Club, where only 1000 Octopus’ will be minted onto the Cardano blockchain in late February. The decision has been made to go with Cardano due to Ethereums high gas fees, and the use of smart contracts on Cardano.

You can find out more about us on our Twitter Page

Our Roadmap

Stage one:

-Release of the initial 1000 UOC NFTs *which will be made available first to the whitelist*

-Creation of an expanded whitelist for the first wallet address’ that hold UOC. This will also mean that any holders of the first NFT’s will have be eligible for a reduced minting price on the next mint.

-5 of the first 1000 UOC NFTs will come with +100 ADA gifts, and will be attributed to the minters wallet automatically! Holders who mint over 10 UOC NFTs on the first mint will receive ADA deposits in the future when the game is up and running.

Stage two:

-Secondary market “buying back” any UOC that are listed below the minting value, to raise the floor price and provide value to holders. This will apply to all UOC NFT’s listed on JPEG.store and CNFT Marketplace. We will not allow any Octopus’ to be undervalued!

-Airdrops of “UOC tokens” of which the value will be based on the floor price of the UOC NFT’s already released. These tokens will be crucial in accessing the Underground Lobby (more information on this soon)

Stage Three:

-Release of 1000 NFTs: First 500 ONLY AVAILABLE to the whitelist. Then a further 500 NFTs which will be available for public mint.

-VIP Suite established: Holders of any UOC, release one or two, will submit their wallet address’ and will be airdropped exclusive NFTs and ADA

Stage 4:

Integration into the metaverse, UOC tokens usable as a metacurrency. Creation of a Play to Earn game that will ONLY be accessible to holders of the UOC NFTs. The UOC tokens do not solely qualify as gaining access to the Play to Earn game. Targeted for early 2023. The P2E will involve players completing daily/weekly/monthly Underground assignments, and players will be compensated in ADA rewards. Players with UOC NFTs that are in the top 50 on the rarity chart will get an *increased ADA yield* when completing the assignments, and will correspond to the higher the rank, the higher the yield. The UOC NFTs metadata will act as the login information for the game, alongside the owners wallet address.

Royalty Allocation:

Any member of the Underground who holds a UOC which is ranked in the top 5 of each drop will be allocated a percentage of the royalties from secondary market sales and the initial minting process. Any member of the Underground that holds an UOC in the top 20 will receive more UOC tokens in the first airdrop. More information about this after the first mint.

Policy ID: 56b9872d5260e7b6b2135dd38453e9820cd33f893689e26986d8d011

*The Roadmap is our GOAL, and dependent on the community and the amount of NFTs minted!

Value of UOC?

Our “Buy Back” integration

Our team has laid the foundations for a secondary market “buy back” programme, in which any UOC NFTs, listed on CNFT or JPEG.store, that are below the mint value will be automatically bought back (by us) and not resold, making the ones listed on the secondary market even more valuable.

Amount of NFT’s

For the first drop, there will be only 1000 NFT’s available for the mint. There is a whitelist for this first mint or early sale, and the tokens will be given out on a “first come first serve basis”


There will be a rarity chart that will be available a few days after the mint, and this will provide an indication as to the value of some of the NFTs, but of course the main indicator will be the community.

The Minting Process

We have seen other NFT projects and the way in which they tried to use other platforms to mint, and how this can often cause servers to crash and leaves people unhappy with their experience. Therefore, our mint will take place ONLY on Twitter, and a wallet address with the specified ADA amount will be released at a certain time, and the first address’ to send the ADA will be sent the NFTs. Everyone that sends ADA and is unsuccessful will be refunded.

How many NFTs can you mint?

There is a limit of 20 on the amount of NFT’s available to be minted per transaction, a specified amount of ADA will be mentioned in the MINT TWEET, and the amount sent will dictate how many NFT’s you receive. For example, if you want 5 NFT’s, you would send 5x the specified amount.

Underground Octopus Club P2E

Here’s a brief overview of some of our upcoming Play-to-earn features: